Quality control
Conventional machining or CNC machining, our qualified staff is able to operate the machine that will be most appropriate to perform the requested work.
When bending work is required, our bending machine and benders allow us to get the job done quickly, whether for sheet metal, round or square tubes and even some angle iron.
Our welding equipment allows us to satisfy all the manufacturing or repair work entrusted to us. Whether steel or aluminum parts. The quality of our welds is checked systematically to avoid any defects.
You have a part to be machined and you do not have the drawings, we have the measuring tools and the necessary software to create a very precise drawing required for machining on our various machines.
Whether it is a piece of heavy weight, farm machinery, excavator or other we are able to evaluate and advise you in the manner of repairing any breakage and rest assured that we will endeavor to perform the work in a more than reasonable.
To ensure quality control for high precision parts, we have added a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine to our equipment.
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